Northern Indiana Unit 154
American Contract Bridge League
District 8

A Message from the President

Gary Chaney

The Unit's Board of Directors wishes all of you a Happy New Year. For all of us who have stayed here in Hoosier-land, it is going to be a very cold start to 2018. I suggest that we all get down to our local clubs a play some hot bridge.
THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the petition signing process.
The membership list that the Unit was required to use had 604 living members on it. These members were divided into two groups: active and inactive. Active was defined as having played in a Unit club two more times since January 1, 2016 and/or replying to the mailing campaign that sought petition signers. Inactive was defined as having played no more than one time in a Unit club since January 1, 2016. Using that criteria, the Unit has 562 active members and 42 inactive members. Of the 562 active members, 479 signed the petition requesting to transfer from District 8 to District 12. That is an 85% approval rate. The members of Unit 154 have spoken!

The petitions have been delivered to the ACBL. The District 12 Board of Directors have unanimously approved accepting us into District 12. The District 8 Board of Directors voted 9 to 5 to deny the transfer. Since there is not consensus on the proposed transfer, the issue now goes to the ACBL's Board of Directors. This Board will meet in early March and our proposed transfer will be one of the agenda items. The 25 members of this board will vote on our proposed transfer to District 12. Hopefully our 85% approval rate will impress the ACBL's BoD.

Another issue of importance is the 2018 election for representatives to the Unit Board of Directors. There will be vacant seats representing Gary (1), Kokomo (1), South Bend/Mishawaka (2), Fort Wayne (1), and Angola (1). If you have an interest in the governance of Unit 154, then become a candidate for one of these vacancies. The nomination process is a snap. You self-nominate by completing the appropriate form found on this website and send or mail it so that it is received by May 15 to:

Gary Chaney
8202 Bull Rapids Rd
Woodburn IN 46797

All elections will be held between June 1-15. Be an active participant in the governance of our Unit.

Again, Happy New Year to all of you. May 2018 be one of the best years in your bridge life. And remember:

Trust your partner and be a partner that can be trusted.