Northern Indiana Unit 154
American Contract Bridge League
District 8


Mark your calendars!

OCTOBER 20 - 22

A Message from the President

Gary Chaney

Thank you to all who participated in the Unit Annual Meeting in South Bend on August 6. Whether one voted for or against the proposal is not nearly as important as the fact that one participated.

Active participation in our Unit is absolutely necessary for the Unit to be vital and to serve its members. Another strong belief of mine is that change is inevitable and is necessary. Without change a unit becomes inert and, therefore, cannot respond in a productive manner to the evolving needs of its members. Our Unit's Bylaws (which are posted on this website) recognize this need for change by incorporating term limits on both Board members and on the office of president within the Board.

Of course, the biggest change on the horizon is the vote for our Unit to change from District 8 (Illinois, western Kentucky, and eastern Missouri) to District 12 (Michigan and northwestern Ohio). The process to accomplish this change involves a petition, written comments from the District Directors from D8 and D12, and approval from the ACBL's Board of Directors. The Unit Board is coordinating with the administration of the ACBL to draft a proper petition. The Board intends to have copies of the petition at all Unit clubs by September 1 with a target date of completing the petition process by September 30. A majority of Unit 154's members must demonstrate approval of the move by signing the petition. After that it is out of the Unit's hands.

A vibrant governing board needs new thoughts and new people on a regular basis if it is to remain in touch with its members. I encourage each of the Unit's members who desire to be part of the Unit's governing Board to become a candidate for election to represent your club(s). One-third of the Board's seats are up for election each year in June. The nomination process is simple: you do it yourself and can be completed within a minute or two. The "how" is listed on this website.

Do you have an idea or a thought about how to make our Unit better or about a service that the Unit might offer to better serve its members? If so, contact Alan, Barbara W., Steve, Barbara S., John, Lynn, Marci, Tom, Max, Julie, Ken, Kim, or me. Our emails are listed on this website. I don't promise that your idea or thought will be implemented, but I do promise that it will be discussed at a Board meeting. Afterwards, you will be contacted regarding the results of that discussion. Modern plumbing was not invented by people who were satisfied with outhouses. New thoughts and new ideas coupled with people who are willing to work are components of a vibrant, member serving, effective unit. That is what Unit 154 strives to be.

Trust your partner and be a partner that can be trusted.