Northern Indiana Unit 154
American Contract Bridge League
District 8

A Message from the President

Gary Chaney

Petition to Move from District 8 to District 12

Below is a copy of the ACBL-approved petition that the Unit Board is asking all Unit members in favor of the transfer to sign. The club managers at all Unit clubs will have this petition available for signing no later than September 1.
I and the entire Unit Board are asking all Unit members who approve of the transfer from District 8 to District 12 to sign the petition during the month of September. If you have questions, please talk with your Board representative or email me directly at
Thank you for being an active, interested, and involved member of Unit 154.

On August 5, 2017, the Governing Board of Unit 154 voted unanimously to recommend to the members of Unit 154 to begin the process to transfer Unit 154 from District 8 to District 12. Then, on August 6, 2017, at the Unit's Annual Meeting, with only one vote in opposition, the membership voted in favor of that recommendation. Furthermore, the Board of District 12 has voted unanimously to accept Unit 154 if the transfer is approved by the ACBL. The primary reasons for the transfer are as follows:

1.  Unit 154 is more conveniently located to District 12 than District 8. District 12 and Unit 154 share a common border of over 160 miles while the short border between District 8 and Unit 154 is less than 50 miles. Approximately 90% of Unit 154 members live within 60 miles of District 12 while only 30% of Unit 154 members live within 60 miles of any other unit in District 8.

2.  Many partnerships already exist between members of D12 and Unit 154 at Unit 154 clubs in Angola IN, South Bend/Mishawaka IN, Michigan City IN, and Long Beach IN. Members of Unit 154 and D12 frequent each other's club games, sectionals and regionals in significant numbers due to familiarity, proximity and ease of travel to respective sites. There is only one known partnership between a Unit 154 member and a member of another unit in D8. Additionally, participation in Unit 154's sectionals and regional from other D8 member units is minimal to non-existent.

3.  For the members of Unit 154, the North American Pairs & Grand National Teams held by D12 are easier to get to than those in District 8. Approximately 90% of the Unit 154 members live within a 20-30 minute drive of I-94, I-80/90, and I-69 which connect directly to the D12 qualifying sites of Lansing MI and metro Detroit. There are no 4-lane roads from Unit 154 that connect directly to the D8 qualifying sites of Champaign IL and Springfield IL without passing through either D11 or D13.

4.  D12 will allow any of the units within the district to participate in STaCs outside of D12. D8 has stringent restrictions on unit participation in non-D8 STaCs.