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District 8

South Bend
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Northwest Indiana Newsletter

November 30,1933 - January 9, 2018
It is never easy to include in the newsletter an announcement that we have lost another of our very special members. Kaye Tyler was a lovely lady who played on the "399er" side. Kaye was the perfect hostess for the foreign guests that visited her and her husband, because of his work. Kaye became an entrepreneur, owning and operating Letter Perfect Embroidery for ten years. We send our condolences to her family which includes her husband, Tom, her two children, Terence & Jennifer, her six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. We will miss her.



Lois Ehinger & Carol O'Shaughnessy, Fort Wayne: 71.52 11/8

Bud Hinckley, South Bend & Rich Mao, Mishawaka: 70.83% 12/1/17
Sally & Rich Will, Valparaiso:
72.92% 12/5
Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:
71.13% 12/11
John Teshima, Trail Creek & Al Simmons, Chicago, IL:
70.83% 12/16
Dee VanBebber, Valparaiso & Jim Lane, Chesterton:
70.83% 12/19
Jackie Kohrman & Jim Kart, Fort Wayne:
73.33% 12/21
Ruth Westberg, Tinley Park, IL & Mary Schultz, Elmhurst, IL:
71.53%. 1/22
Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:
74.54% 1/23

March 24, 1919 - January 5, 2018
Our beloved Cathy Mason (from Valparaiso) has passed away - the oldest member of our Northwest Indiana bridge clubs. Her daughter, with whom she lived, shared these memories - "My mom started playing bridge as a teenager. She played in her mother's bridge club. She continued to play throughout all of these years. I was told that she was very good at it. Even when she was confused in her last few days, in her mind she was still playing bridge. She asked me if I bid one diamond or one club. I've never played bridge in my life. She loved her bridge-playing friends. Bridge is what kept her going all of her almost 99 years."
The director of the game that Cathy faithfully attended every Tuesday lit a candle at beginning of the game after Cathy's death. It kept glowing brightly throughout the game in memory of a well-loved participant in this game that encompasses so many dear friends within its fold. We are truly sorry to have lost one of the finest.